Sunday, July 28, 2013

Liebster Award!

So, I was nominated by Erika and Amy which I am very humbled by!  Thank you Erika and Amy!


Firstly, then...  11 facts about me!

1) My name is really Charlotte (as you can probably guess) and my mum didn't want me to be Charlie, so she nicknamed me Charli. When I was older I changed it to with the E on it, but about a year and a bit ago I changed it back to Charli. 

2) I'm 13 in exactly 38 days

3) I have hypomobility

4) I want to be a family law solicitor when I grow up

5) I have one sister, one brother and a brother to-be (mum is pregnant)


7) My favourite subjects are English, History and RE. 

8) I have one best friend and two almost best-friends - Bethan, Tori and Bethany

9) My favourite authors are Sophie McKenzie, Cathy Cassidy, Cathy Hopkins and Meg Cabot 

10) I write fanfiction, which you can check out here if you like. My profile needs changing, but my stories are okay, I think... (shameless advertising, I know!) 

11) I am a part of Team Fox! :p

Now... The 11 questions set by Erika! (Because I can't be bothered to answer two lots.)

                                    1. Do you ever watch the film before reading the book
NO!!! My friends always go and see them and I'm left out because I refuse to watch it before I've read   it! 

2.Can you read if there is constant noise around?
Well, I can, but it's difficult and I can't always enjoy the book as much!

3. What's the one thing you hate the most in a book?
When scenes jump around! I can't stand it! I don't mind PoV changings but I hate from one bit of action to another, such as from a fight to everyone in peace again.

4. What's your biggest book peeve?

  See question 3 :p

5. What's your favourite genre?
  Dystopia! I love it so much! Divergent and The Hunger Games are probably my favourites. Oh, and Noughts and Crosses!

6. When was the last time you laughed when reading a book?
Hm... I don't really remember, but not too long ago. 

7. Do you have a book nook? 
No, but I wish I did! When I have my own home I will definitely have one.

8.Have you ever laughed really loud when reading a book?

  Yes! My family look at me like I'm mad. 

9. Who are your blogging BFFS?

  I don't really have any, but I have started talking to Amber, Hawwa and Jack quite a lot! Oh and Ruby and Sophie!

10.What don't you like about book blogging?

  Waiting for packages...

11. Who is your favourite book character
hmm... Hermione! I'm so like her. Also, Coco from The Chocolate Box Girls and Lauren from Girl, Missing. 

 I nominate... (I am cheating and not nominating 11, as I don't know 11, and I know most of these probably are award free!)

Jessica at Booked Up!

Jack at The Book Stop

Hawwa at It Was Lovely Reading You

Ruby at Feed Me Books Now!!!

Sophie at A Day Dreamer's World

And I'm sorry to say Erika that I'm stealing your questions for them to answer if they do claim awards!

Thanks again Erika and Amy! 

Charli xx

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