Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Book Blogging Targets For August!

I took this idea from Amy @ Amy Bookworm (with permission of course!). She did it as part of her monthly wrap-up, but as I haven't done a full month of blogging yet, I thought I could just do the targets...

  1. I will to do at least 12 posts, at least half of which being reviews. 
  2. I will finish the books for the G+T scheme as that has to be finished by the 2nd of September
  3. I will, apart from the 10 for the G+T, will read 8 other books (total of 18) 
  4. I will make sure to read and review the book me and Ruby are buddy-reading!! (important)
  5. I will join in with at least one meme, such as Stacking The Shelves or Waiting on Wednesday. I haven't decided yet. 
So, those are my targets for book blogging in August. They are quite short but hopefully I will be able to fulfil them!

Tomorrow: Review of "Earth Girl" by Janet Edwards.

Charli x

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